The Belfry

Our clubhouse is currently situated at Paardenmarkt 111, 2000 Antwerp. This is actually our 4th (?) home, the Belfry having migrated to various locations in and around Antwerp since the  inception of BATS over 50 years ago.

We have a lovely large courtyard, a huge rehearsal room, which can double up as a small intimate performance area, bar and workshop, all on the ground floor, plus props rooms, other large (school) rooms and an office on the other floors.

In the warmer months we often spend the entire evening in the courtyard, while in cooler months we tend to revert to the warmth of the bar and rehearsal room where, on club nights,  we often perform short sketches or host other entertainement.

The rehearsal room is also equipped with a small stage with lighting and sound systems available (which is currently being revamped to accomodate more professional productions).

Belfry Bar