Belle - a BATS pantomime

By Nathan Daeche Green - Directed by Nathan Daeche Green

In a village in a not so far away land, lives a young maiden named Belle. Day by day she witnesses the unhappiness of the village citizens and the drudgery of their lives. She escapes in her mind through her love of literature and stories. A pastime she was introduced to by her inventor father, who in his older years has trouble remembering things.

Each year Belle’s father takes an annual trip away for a day or two, however this year he will not return to Belle as promised.

An evil sorceress named simply The Countess, has other plans for Belle.  Using her evil magic she ensures Belle’s father is unable to return home. It is a cruel trick so that The Countess may train Belle to become a perfect wife for her son Brute. Afterall Belle is the prettiest young lady in the village and only the best will satisfy The Countess.

News reaches Belle of her father’s whereabouts and of the danger he is in. He found himself a prisoner of The Beast awaiting to be sentenced to death, for a crime of pruning only one elegant rose from the grounds of The Beast. Without delay Belle rushes to the castle of The Beast.

Can Belle, save her father? How will The Countess respond and react to Belle’s disobedience? And will Belle discover more in the castle than only her father?

A fun packed, interactive pantomime presented with all the traditional trimmings welcomes you to become a part of our story. Come and help Belle discover her happily ever after at The Mark Liebrecht Schouwburg Theatre this April.


Mark Liebrechtschouwburg
Sat 06 April 2024 at 19:30
Sun 07 April 2024 at 13:00
Sun 07 April 2024 at 17:30
€18 (adults), €16 (65+, students), €10 (-12y)