Double Bill: ‘After the flags and bands’ & ‘Leaving Tommy’

By Allan Williams & Mark Seaman - Directed by Jill Franks
As you know, 2018 is the centenary of the end of the first World War. To mark this occasion BATS will be bringing you ‘After the flags and bands’ by Allan Williams and ‘Leaving Tommy’ by Mark Seaman, 2 one-acters about WW1. Jill Franks will be directing.

After the flags and bands

Throughout the First World War we follow the women left at home, through letters and monologues, as their companionship helps them cope with the devastating events on the Western front.
Cast: Alice Cameron, Carine Coolsaet, Hilary Dennis & Lynne Marinus

Leaving Tommy

A young man has been tried and found guilty of cowardice and desertion at the front during World War One, and awaits his death by firing squad. He is visited by the chaplain, a captain who hears his reasons for joining and what really happened on the front line.
Cast: Jimmy Finch, Ricardo Silva and Iain Law
19-20-21, 26-27-28 oct


As the theme of both plays is very actual, BATS has prepared an educational support package for use in schools and colleges - including excercises on speaking, writing and reading. Interested? Send an email to and request your copy.