Dear BATS-friends & family,

What extraordinary times these are !

Just like you, we have been following the corona-news with interest, and though it feels a bit surreal, it is time we take our responsibility and follow the extraordinary measures set out by the government. There’s a clear logic to avoiding any unnecessary events and that only has an effect if everyone plays their part.

Corona advice

What does this entail for BATS?

  • We have suspended our rehearsals at the Belfry for the upcoming production of Bouncers. Our actors will take the creative approach of line-bashing through Skype.
  • Rehearsals for the Variety Show will NOT start on the 22nd March. We are hoping to start after 3rd April, but will continue to monitor the news before then .
  • If you were planning on showing up that day, please send an email to to let her know you’re interested to join us.
  • Spring Open Evening will be cancelled until further notice.

We will re-assess the situation at the end of March and get back to you. We will keep you informed of any further developments and the effect on our BATS activities.

In the meantime, say healthy and safe, and take all the hygienic measures into account. More information on what to do:

Take care,

the BATS committee