Support BATS

Theatres around the world are suffering (due to covid lockdowns, dropping number in audience attendance, etc). So is our little club. No shows during covid meant no income. But still the expenses remain... 

If you wanna help us out a little bit, you can always make a donation into our “BATS - IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! - FUND”.

It’s simple, you just become a member... twice. If you can spare a full extra membership fee, great , if not, any contribution you can afford will help us. Check out our membership rates - they's the same as the previous season.



Or do your online shopping via Trooper. You shop online, and a small percentage goes to your favourite theatre group.

Just go to, select your online shop, and continue shopping as usual. BATS will get a small percentage of anything you buy ... AND it won’t cost you anything extra!