This page covers the sixties. ( * indicates a Pantomime)

Date Play Author Director Comment
20/Feb/60 WE MUST KILL TONI by Ian Stuart Black Jo Royan -
23/Apr/60 TRESPASS by Emlyn Williams Bill Wright -
08/Oct/60 CASTLE IN THE AIR by Alan Melville Derek Davies
Norie Humphries
17/Dec/60 *ALADDIN - Pip Budden
Jaci Perkins
25/Feb/61 JOHNNY BELINDA by Elmer Harris John Lewis -
22/Apr/61 LOVE'S A LUXURY by Guy Paxton Edward V. Hoile -
21/Oct/61 THE WHOLE TRUTH by Philip Mackie John Lewis -
16/Dec/61 *CINDERELLA - Marie Crawley -
17/Feb/62 SERIOUS CHARGE by Philip King Ron Humphries -
14/Apr/62 DOUBLE TAKE by Ronald Jeans - -
27/Oct/62 THE MARRIAGE GO-ROUND by Leslie Stevens Norie Humphries -
22/Dec/62 *BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Connie Sart -
16/Feb/63 BRIEF SUSPICION - Vic Hewitt -
06/Apr/63 YOUR OBEDIENT SERVANT by Diana Morgan - -
12/Oct/63 TO DOROTHY A SON by Roger MacDougall - -
21/Dec/63 *THE OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE - Vic Hewitt -
15/Feb/64 GASLIGHT by Patrick Hamilton Marion Macarte -
18/Apr/64 ALL FOR MARY by Harold Brooks
Kay Bannerman
Ron Humphries -
03/Oct/64 BY CANDLE LIGHT by Harry Graham Marjorie Neale -
19/Dec/64 *MOTHER GOOSE - Vic Hewitt -
27/Feb/65 FIVE FINGER EXERCISE by Peter Shaffer - -
24/Apr/65 WANTED-ONE BODY! by Raymond Dyer - -
02/Oct/65 OUT OF THE CROCODILE by Giles Cooper Paul Roche -
18/Dec/65 *DICK WHITTINGTON - Marjorie Neale -
26/Feb/66 TRAP FOR A LONELY MAN by Robert Thomas Norie Humphries -
23/Apr/66 POOL'S PARADISE by Philip King - -
29/Oct/66 UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE by Samuel Spewack Rose Rhine Benefit Performance
16,17/Dec/66 *HUMPTY DUMPTY - Rose Rhine -
25/Feb/67 THE SOUND OF MURDER by William Fairchild Norie Humphries -
29/Apr/67 THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH by George Axelrod Rose Rhine -
28/Oct/67 HOW ARE YOU, JOHNNIE ? by Philip King Rose Rhine -
16/Dec/67 THE NIGHTINGALE by Dorothy Wright Jo Royen -
24/Feb/68 JANUS by Carolyn Green Liz Van Dessel -
27/Apr/68 HONEY POT by Helen & Edward V. Hoile Liz Van Dessel -
26/Oct/68 MAKE ME A WIDOW by David Ellis Nora Van Dessel -
01/Mar/69 CRYSTAL CLEAR by Falkland Cary and Philip King Liz Van Dessel -
26/Apr/69 MARY, MARY by Jean Kerr Rose Rhine -
10/Nov/69 BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE by John Van Druten Paul Roche -