This page covers the eighties. ( * indicates a Pantomime)

Date Play Author Director Comment
19,20/Jan/80 * SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE by Norman Robbins Dermod O'Reilly -
28,29/Mar/80 ANTIGONE by Jean Anouilh translated by Barbara Bray Dain Bennett -
17,18/May/80 THE RAPE OF THE BELT by Benn W. Levy Marcel Huhn -
20/Jun/80 Charity Performance
12,13/Oct/80 BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward Peter Welbourne -
20,21/Dec/80 * ALI BABA & THE FORTY THIEVES by Norman Robbins Dermod O'Reilly -
21,23/Mar/81 WILD OATS by John O'Keefe Nora van Dessell -
23/May/81 BLACK COMEDY by Peter Schaffer Dave Giddings -
BARNSTABLE by James Saunders Eric Maes FEATS entry
11,12/Oct/81 DARLING, I'M HOME by Jack Popplewell Vincente Drews -
19,20/Dec/81 * CINDERELLA by John Crooker Dave Giddings -
7,8/Mar/82 SUDDENLY AT HOME by Francis Durbddge Dermod O'Reilly -
10,12/May/82 FRANKENSTEIN by Tim Kelly adapted from the novel by Mary Shelley Tom Resticaux -
24,25/Oct/82 A FRIEND INDEED by William Douglas-Home Jill Pidgeon -
15,16,17/Jan/83 * JACK AND THE BEANSTALK by Dave Giddings Dave Giddings -
5,7Mar/83 SAME TIME NEXT YEAR by Bernard Slade Vivi Roche -
23,25/Apr/83 JUMPERS by Tom Stoppard Eric Maes FEATS Entry
-3rd Prize
-Best Set
-Best Stage Management
WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY ? by Brian Clark Tom Resticaux -
1O,11,12/Dec/83 * ALADDIN by Dave Giddings, Nora van Dessell & Tom Resticaux Vivi Roche -
4,5/Mar/84 HABEAS CORPUS by Alan Bennett Dave Giddings
Liz van Dessell
-Best Actress: Gwen Kingsmill
-Anthony Cornish Award
27,28/Apr/84 TEN TINES TABLE by Alan Ayckbourn Jill Pidgeon -
21,22/Oct/84 DONKEY'S YEARS by Michael Frayn Tom Resticaux -
12,13,14/Jan/85 * DICK WHITTINGTON by Verne Morgan Dermod O'Reilly -
3,4/Mar/85 PLAY IT AGAIN SAM by Woody Allen Liz van Dessel FEATS Entry
-2nd Prize
-Best Set
28,29/Apr/85 AUNT EDWINA by William Douglas-Home Ian Pidgeon -
21/Oct/85 THE IMPORTANCE 0F BEING EARNEST by Oscar Wilde Liz van Dessel Gala Performance
23,24/Oct/85 -
11,12,13/Jan/86 * MOTHER GOOSE by Norman Robbins John Algar -
16,17/Mar/86 EDUCATING RITA by Willy Russell Nora van Dessel FEATS Entry
-3rd Prize
-(Joint) Best Actress: Fay Glasgow
4,5/May/86 BEDROOM FARCE by Alan Ayckbourn Liz van Dessell -
12,13,14/Oct/86 PYGMALION by George Bernard Shaw Liz Van Dessel -
10,11,12/Jan/87 * SINBAD THE SAILOR by John Morley John Kingsmill -
22,23/Mar/87 OFFICE SUITE by Alan Bennett and Jill Franks Rosemary Watson -
17,18/May/87 LOOT by Joe Orton Liz Van Dessel FEATS Entry
4,5,6/Oct/87 WHEN WE ARE MARRIED by J.B.Priestley Liz Van Dessel -
9,10,11/Jan/88 * BABES IN THE WOOD by John Morley and June Franzen John Kingsmill -
10/Apr/88 STRAYS by Milly Conway Liz Van Dessel FEATS Entry
-2nd Prize
-Best Original Script
12,13/May/88 YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL, BREN by Pam Valentine Jill Franks -
16,17/Oct/88 LORD ARTHUR SAVILLE'S CRIME by Constance Cox adapted from a short play by Oscar Wilde Liz Van Dessel -
14,15,16/Jan/89 * SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS by John Morley Rosemary Watson & Jill Franks In Antwerp
28,29/Jan/89 In Brussels
6,8/May/89 THE DINING ROOM by A.R.Gurney Liz Van Dessel FEATS Entry
-3rd Prize
-Best Set
16,17,18/Oct/89 MURDER ON THE NILE by Agatha Christie Vivi Roche